The patents

What is a patent

ABM, Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi, offers consulting on patents not only in Pisa, where the company is located, but also throughout Italy and even abroad, through a worldwide network of contacts and agents. We take care of the formalities for patents and the protection of trademarks and intellectual property. It is, however, necessary to make some general clarifications about the nature of patents. 

The patent is an exclusive right to implement and exploit an innovation of a technical nature on the territory of a State or several States, granted by the State or by an organisation of states to the developer of the innovation, their successors or those it is assigned to.                                             The patent duration is twenty years, which may not be extended, after which time the invention belongs to the public domain.

Territorial extension

An invention, or generically an innovation, may be protected in foreign countries as well as in Italy, by filing an application with the local patent office. The procedure for obtaining a patent or a utility model is different depending on the country in which protection is sought, and depends on the big difference in the laws in force.

For the granting of a patent, most countries require a merit examination to be performed, which involves officials assessing the novelty, originality and industrial application conditions.

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