Italian patent

Obtaining a patent in Italy

The department responsible for receiving patent applications in Italy is the Italian Patent and Trademark Office with headquarters in Rome.
The patent application must include several documents, including the description of the invention, the claims, the drawings, the summary and of course the proof of payment of filing fees.

The effects of the patent become effective from the date of publication of the application, in principle within 18 months of filing or from the date of notification of the patent application to a third party alleged infringer.

To date, the Office performs purely formal checks, after which, after about three years, the patent is issued. However, new legislation is already being drafted that plans for the Office to begin performing a merit examination on patent applications, through the Examinations Division of the European Patent Office.

The term of protection of the patent is twenty years from the filing date of the application, subject to the payment of annual maintenance fees from the fifth year after filing. In case of non-payment of the annuity, the patent will be deemed expired. For more information, trust the professionalism of ABM, Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi, based in Pisa.

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