Frequently asked questions about patents

Answers to commonly asked questions on patents

The experts at ABM, Agenzia Marchi e Brevetti [Agency for Patents and Trademarks], are at your disposal in our firm in Pisa.
However, we have chosen to respond here to frequently asked questions about patents and the like.

How many and which countries adhere to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)?

There are currently 184 member states (click here to go to the WIPO website ), and they can all be designated at the time of filing the patent application. By the thirtieth or thirty-first month of the date of priority, the holder of the international application will have to decide where to start the national or regional phases and, consequently, where to ask for protection for the invention.

What is needed to file a trademark application?

The products or services that are to be protected by the chosen trademark need to be identified with the applicant, as well as a copy of the sign to be filed. Administratively, a signed request letter is required.

How long does it take to file a trademark application?

Once the required documents have been obtained, about one week is needed to file the trademark registration application.

Does a prior art search need to be conducted?

It is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended in order to limit any possible conflicts with similar existing registrations.

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