ABM - Agenzia Brevetti e Marchi - Pisa

ABM, Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi of Pisa, has twenty years of experience in consulting on and assisting with patents.

We specialise in the protection of intellectual property and copyright and we offer our services to businesses, individuals, professionals, government agencies, universities and CNR.

Services for trademarks and patents

patents for inventions

The highly qualified staff of Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi is always at the customer's side providing them with attentive and current advice on trademarks and patents.

We carry out prior art searches, patent appraisals and valuations of brands.


patent procedures

News on trademarks and patents

From 1 July 2011 an opposition to the registration of trademarks in Italy may be submitted to the Italian Patent and Trademark Office: the holders of the previous same or similar trademark registrations may contact the Office to ensure that the next registration application is denied.

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patent office news

ABM Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi S.r.l.

From January 1, 2010, our customers will receive renewal notices and invoices from ABM Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi S.r.l., which is working with our office to manage the filing of applications. We, therefore, request that you pay close attention to what the company requires of you.

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