Registration of an international trademark

How to file an application for an international trademark

It is best to rely on professionals for filing applications for international trademarks, such as ABM Agenzia Brevetti e Marchi [Agency for Patents and Trademarks]of Pisa, to make sure that the process is followed closely and that the applications are properly drafted.

Under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, which Italy joined, one international application can be filed designating one or more countries. The application may be filed at the Office for World Intellectual Property Geneva, or the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

In order to file an application for international registration, the applicant must be the holder of or have submitted an application for a national or EU trademark. The procedure, which begins at the time of filing, is transformed into batches off national procedures, with examinations conducted by the individual countries designated.

The advantage is that it is cost-effective in comparison to individual national filings. In addition, at a later date, you can choose to file in other countries which have since become interesting for the applicant.

The certificate of trademark registration is released by the World Office for Industrial Property and lasts for ten years, it is renewable indefinitely for ten-year periods, upon payment of the appropriate renewal fee.

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