Trademark searches

Prior art searches for your trademark

The innovation requirement of the sign is also required for the registration of a trademark. Experts of ABM, Agenzia Brevetti e Marchi [Agency for Patents and Trademarks] of Pisa, are at the disposal of your company to make the necessary prior art searches in the same and related classes, in the states where you intend to file the application for registration of the trademark.

Again there are private or public databases, such as the database of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market and that of the World Organisation for Industrial Property, which contain the registrations and applications for registration of trademarks.

The validity of registering the new trademark will be assessed on the basis of the criteria of confusion of signs. It is clear that, except for some specific cases, such as pharmaceutical trademarks, databases do not include the so-called de facto trademarks, that is those symbols that are used but which are not registered.

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