Patent and trademark assistence

ABM Services

Italian Patent and Trademark Office

ABM, Agenzia Brevetti & Marchi of Pisa, is at the service of individuals, professionals, businesses and public institutions offering a wide range of support services for patents, trademarks and intellectual property.

After conducting an analysis on the discovery to be patented or trademark to be registered, ABM provides an initial opinion on the effective protection that can be obtained. If necessary, prior art or availability searches are conducted, either through specialised databases or associates abroad in the various national patent offices.

The applications for the granting exclusive rights are then submitted to the relevant national and international bodies and the process is monitored up to the release.

When a company takes on new productions, even if they are not innovative, or feels the need to catch up on the state of exclusive rights of competitors, ABM may carry out checks on the existence of patents in the same industry or the same or similar trademarks and may also conduct periodic monitoring. To better manage and make the most of the rights of customers, when possible or necessary, oppositions lawsuits are filed and precautionary measures requested, technical-legal advice is provided, contracts for the purchase or sale of trademarks or patents and the transfer of licences are prepared and much more besides.

To offer a complete service, we passively follow the companies involved in cases of legal action for infringement of patent or trademark; the purpose of our agency, therefore, is to help Italian companies investing in research, who are thus able to launch innovative products in the markets, to protect their investments and to properly defend themselves against competition from other companies of more advanced countries, where protection of industrial property is better known and used.

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